Monday, March 22, 2010

Japan and Expenses

Is it just me, or is Japan quite expensive for apparel and shoes?

Here is some insight about that topic, and other topics as well such as visiting or living in Japan, gaming and some culture.

Helgen X's insight on Nippon. from Helgen on Vimeo.


BoomerRaid said...

Yo my boy Helgen..I feel you on the fact that it's quite pricey down there. I remember heading there @ 2004, and it's not any different- only the thing that's changed are the players who go there in their arcades and what not.

In one angle you're right: it's not any different, but when you do get challenges you'd be lucky to find a very good player and will try to excel your skills from one day to the next. Heck I was just lucky to participate in a local ranbat back in Shinjuku and makin it to the top 8 with ALEX!? Random..

In terms of architecture, Shinjuku, Fukuoka, and Roppongi has some awesome places to check out the buildings. Tokyo's an obvious, but whenever people want to see something big, they should go to those places and check them out for real.

But yea, in terms of fashion in there, I found out their styles go revamped from one genre to the next, especially the homie that was doing the style from Tokyo Tribes, that manga they had in the 2009..Their kicks are crazy pricey..The new ones are just as costly as the kicks in V.I.M in Harlem! Shit is crazy!

But in terms of food..Yo let me know if you plan to head to Japan again, b/c we gonna go food huntin for real. Trust me..I'm a heavyweight when it comes to burgers, steak, and all that good shit, but bring that w/ some slammin beer/sake and stuff and we got ourselves a 3 course meal.

Otherwise, thanks for the introduction for Japan and how it is on the N.Y gully side n shit. Keep in touch and let me know what's up kid. I'll see you again @ GGPO...


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